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Zero to Copywriter is an online catalog and review of copywriting and marketing resources. Want to know where to find mentoring? Or which forum to join? Or what Facebook groups are best for your goals? Maybe you’ve been told you need to “read the classics”… but aren’t sure which books those are? Or maybe you’re ready to buy that hot new product but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Or maybe you want to learn it all FREE… and jump start your copywriting career without spending the equivalent of a small sedan to do it? Zero to Copywriter is here for you.

The Copywriter’s Page of Quotes

A List of Quotes to Inspire You Use them on your blog. Use them in your information marketing. Put ’em on a tee shirt. But whatever you do, please don’t ignore all the wisdom found on this page. Copywriting Copywriter’s Life Marketing Pricing...

Random Quote on Copywriting

“The competent advertising man must understand psychology. The more he knows about it the better. He must learn that certain effects lead to certain reactions, and use that knowledge to increase results and avoid mistakes.”

— Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising